Online Dating Terms – A guide to understanding dating tuinslang

Written by : Drawing Down the Moon

Attempting to go after the abbreviations used ter online dating sites can be, well, attempting. It’s effortless to get lost te the sproeier that other members of the supuesto dating community use spil shorthand. Everyone knows what LOL means (‘laughing out noisy’ NOT ‘lots of love’) and ASAP (spil soon spil possible). Anyone who witnessed Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh te Single White Female is never going to leave behind SWF, but there are many others you may not be conocido with. D/s? (restrain bondage discipline/dominance subjugation/sadism sadomasochism) I’m sure you ‘Fifty Shade of Conjunto readers out there knew that one already! DDF? (drug and disease free) good to know, albeit a little scaring to be fair.

Drawing Down the Moon’s Top Ten

Wij’ve already seen the common and the slightly more intimidating ones so here’s a list of some that wij feel might be of greatest use.

F2F – Face to Face

FWB – Friends with Benefits (be careful spil this means lovemaking with no strings linked)

GMTA – Good Minds Think Alike

GSOH – Good Sense of Humour

GTSY – Good To See You

IMHO – Te My Fair Opinion

MM – Marriage Minded (almost anything beginning with M means they’re married)

NB – No Baggage (children/ex-spouses)

Submerge – Single Income No Kids

WLTM- Would Like To Meet

Obviously this is not an exhaustive list. There are slew more out there and fresh ones are being created all the time. Check out this verbinding for a few more useful/sometimes scary abbreviations.

Feel this isn’t truly for you?

Don’t worry, wij fully understand. The minefield that is online dating isn’t for everyone. Navigating the above abbreviations, trawling through photos of prospective playmates (with the thought of what Photoshop can achieve running through your mind) and hoping that, te the end, you’re not heading off to meet a crazy person can be off putting to say the least.

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