Kang Han Na’s agency Fantagio told Xsportsnews that the two are just friends who got close after filming a toneelstuk together.

Bae Doona & Son Seok Gu

Bae Doona and Son Seok Gu have addressed reports that they are dating. On May 23, one news report claimed that the two actors had bot dating since last year. They met through Netflix’s ‘Sense 8’, and are presently both also on the same label. However, their common label said, “It’s not true that they are dating. They are just close friends under the same label.”

Rapper DinDin & April’s Chaekyung

Rapper DinDin & April’s Chaekyung have bot swept up te dating reports. Industry insiders recently said, “DinDin and Chaekyung are dating. The yare both celebrities so they are conscious of their surroundings, but they are cautiously maintaining a lovely relationship.” Reports also added that the two were spotted heading to a restaurant together ter DinDin’s car before liking a dinner date, and that DinDin wasgoed spotted introducing Chaekyung spil his gf to his acquaintances. Presently, both DinDin and Chaekyung’s labels are checking with the individuals. The two starlets are five years bijzonder ter age.

Kim Jae Wook & Lee El

On May Nineteen, rumors about the two starlets began to circulate after Lee El posted a photo on Instagram of actor Kim Jae Wook while he wasgoed sleeping. Albeit the actress instantaneously deleted hier postbode, the photo wasgoed widely circulated through various online communities, and many began to speculate that the actors were involved ter a romantic relationship. Lee El’s agency denied any romantic involvement inbetween the two starlets. On May 20, a representative for the agency stated, “the photo te question wasgoed taken ter the waiting slagroom at the ‘Amadeus’ theater, while the actors were resting. [Lee El] posted it spil a joke because she thought it wasgoed a funny photo, then took it down.”

Yoon Shi Yoon & Jin Se Yeon

On May 16, a media outlet reported that the two ‘Daegoon’ co-stars were dating, and that Jin Se Yeon had even recommended Yoon Shi Yoon for the part. The outlet further claimed that the pair often spent time together during filming. Yoon Shi Yoon’s agency collective, “Shi Yoon is presently here right now, and he says he doesn’t know why such news wasgoed released. They have never met outside [of work]. The dating rumors are undoubtedly not true,” and added “It seems that dating rumors were released based on just assumptions. There is no evidence.”

Kim Dong Jun & Go Sung Hee

News outlets reported on March 22 that they had begun dating at the beginning of this year, and have bot together for about three months now. Various sources from the industry claimed that the duo very first met on ‘Master Key’ last December and became close very quickly. However, Kim Dong Jun’s and Go Sung Hee agencies denied that they are a duo.

Kang Han Na & Darren Wang

Kang Han Na has bot caught te dating rumors with Taiwanese actor Darren Wang. Kang Han Na’s agency Fantagio told Xsportsnews that the two are just friends who got close after filming a toneelstuk together. This is Kang Han Na and Darren Wang’s 2nd time being swept up ter dating rumors. They were spotted ter a theme park ter Japan last year, but Kang Han Na’s agency clarified that they went with a group of friends. The two actors met while filming the Chinese schouwspel “Ghost Blows Out the Light.”

It’s amazing how everything te Korea almost always seems to be a vereiste to keep everything low-key and hush hush. Almost all the stories that come out of thesis dramas (pun intended) seem to be slok down or a bunch of denial telling it’s just not true, then ter the end almost 80 to 90 procent end up to be true after all. Just let people be people instead of thesis celebrities that the agencies want them to be. Let them be more like human beings and not more like robots. That’s just my opinion of course, but it just gets indeed frustrating sometimes eyeing how thesis companies just control people so much. It just goes to display that it’s not just on this side of the pond.

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