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Does eHarmony Work?

Does eHarmony work? Do people truly have success using it? The elementary response is this: yes, it does work and many people have fine success, including marriage, using it. While that is the brief response, I think many people are more interested te this question:

That question is stiffer to reaction but I’ll explain my thoughts with the hope that it will assist my readers when choosing whether or not to attempt eHarmony. If you’re not íntimo with this service, you’ll want to begin by reading my eHarmony Review to better understand my discussion here.

So?Will eHarmony Work for Mij?

Now obviously I can’t promise you that eHarmony will work for you specifically. What I can do is explain what to expect when attempting eHarmony and why it has worked for so many people.

  • Very first, eHarmony has had the majority of its success, te my opinion, because it eliminates much of the guess work out of online dating. With other online dating services bad dates are more common spil is meeting people that you don’t get along well with. While people do have complaints about eHarmony, generally speaking the people I talk with agree that the matching system works very well.
  • Due to the above point, eHarmony boundaries the members you can communicate with. Sometimes you’ll have no one fresh to communicate with for days at a time. This can particularly be a problem if you live ter a low populated area. This punt is perhaps the fattest complaint of eHarmony but this is the cost to be paid for a service that matches you spil well spil eHarmony does.
  • eHarmony has a guided communication process which is part of the benefit of the service but can also create a situation where the communication process (and the process of getting to the very first dates) can take a little longer.
  • Spil I’ll discuss a little straks, eHarmony has millions of members and the last I heard it wasgoed still the largest online dating service (when measured by daily visits). This fact does help off-set the issues discussed above.
  • With those points about eHarmony explained, I believe that someone with the following qualities is most likely to find success using eHarmony:

    • They live ter an area with a good sized populate or they are willing to travel to meet other singles
  • They can appreciate (or at least accept) the benefits of the guided communication process, even tho’ this may cause the overall process of meeting to take some extra time.
  • They can accept that at times they may not have fresh matches to communicate with. Many people never practice this punt but be aware it is a risk.
  • If you feel that you meet all of the qualities I describe above, then I do believe eHarmony can work for you (albeit I would encourage you to proceed reading because the success many singles find is not limited to the service they are using).

    No Dating Service is Volmaakt

    If you are a single person who is considering attempting online dating, let mij give you a warning: no online dating service has a volmaakt record. Many people have found success and even marriage with eHarmony while others have not. The same can be said for every online dating service.

    Te my opinion, much of the success you may or may not have will come down to how you treatment online dating and how committed you are to your dating life. The people I talk to who are committed to dating online, even when it gets frustrating, have much more success than anyone else, regardless of service. Keep this ter mind regardless of what service you eventually determine to attempt.

    The Success of eHarmony

    If you are hesitating to attempt eHarmony because you suspect it might be a scam or not indeed work, that is not the case. This can be seen without even attempting the service just te the amount of success it has had. Spil eHarmony points out on their web webpagina, they’ve had overheen 20 million subscribers since the service wasgoed created. A service that flat-out fails its customers would never have this type success.

    Learning More About eHarmony

    Te another article, I discuss ter much more detail how eHarmony works. Also, I have written a free online dating guide that discusses many different aspects of online dating that go well beyond what service you determine to use.

    About the Author:

    Brad primarily struggled with online dating but overheen time became quiebro successful using it. He met his wifey using online dating and has bot providing advice and helping people improve their results since 2007. He has written a Free Online Dating Guide to help others find success with online dating. You can learn more about his private practice using online dating and running this webstek here.


    I spent a large part of my 20’s doing online dating, most of it spil paid subscriptions. I’m now almost 33 and no further along than when I began back at 20! AOL, Yahoo, some Christian sites that I don’t reminisce the names of, and overheen a year on eHarmony. I met a few ok ones along the way. But mostly a lotsbestemming of flakes and bad very first dates that never turned into anything. Got blew off and overlooked after many very first dates. I’m Five’9&#8243, and for some reason the magical height for a man with internet dating is 6&#8242,, if you’re anything less than 6&#8242, than a lotsbestemming of women won’t consider you. Why? I have no idea. Stick to doing hobbies, activities, volunteering and living the life you love. If you keep your eyes and ears open someone, or many someone’s, will cross your path that you can strike up a conversation with.

    While I concur with the majority of your postbode, eH didn’t work for mij (strafgevangenis does it work for the majority of it’s members/subscribers). The main kwestie lies te the fact that after you accomplish the questionnaire, postbode some photos, pack out the profile (yes, I answered all those foolish 1200 questions!) and adjust your settings (which were quiebro extensive when I joined, but they “improved” the service and made settings very basic and cookie-cutter-ish), you have NO control of who you can view or communicate with (I take that back…you can “browse” using the “What If” feature, which wasgoed truly a joke spil I wasgoed matched with women 10-15 my junior!). The other punt is that most folks just let their subscription lapse or abandon using the webpagina without removing their profile (which according to eH FAQ section, isn’t the easiest thing to do…because they need good little shills to match up with other subscribers).

    While I wasgoed only a subscriber for four months, I had several hundred matches but only a 10% response rate to the stage 1-5 communication. For the money spent and time invested, to only have a one-off one-hour phone conversation with ONE woman (she never called/texted mij back, with no explanation or even a “sorry, you’re not my type”…whatever), it wasn’t worth it. Sure, read all the happy-happy joy-joy “Success Stories”, but the fact is that the majority of people that have used eH (or any other dating webpagina for that matter) generally toevluchthaven’t had a good practice.

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