Childrens Behaviour and Learning Behaviour

Behaviour Psychology &quot,You are what you Learn&quot,

Is your child behaving badly? Are you wondering why your child is behaving te a certain way? This pagina is about understanding learned behaviors, aggressive or unwanted behavior te children, by raising our awareness of exactly who our children are learning behavior from and how children can and will be affected by what they see and learn from a youthful age.

How wij learn has switched drastically overheen the years, with the social media esplendor, with effortless access to rekentuig games, the web, and unregulated channels on our TVs, and parents having busier lives.

Wij search for answers to solving our kids problems, looking for the magic response to well-behaved children. With one elementary theory, dating back to the 1960s, and a very famous poem, “Children learn what they Live ” which helps us understand the relationship inbetween learning and behavior and behavior psychology

Using my skill gathered from Ten years of working with children with social and Emotional difficulties Wij will also look at examples of learned behavior and what wij can do about it.

“Learning how to learn is life most significant skill” Tony Buzan

Learned Behaviour – . or are they just acting up?

Parenting children is not an effortless job. Sometimes wij are shocked to see our child display unwanted behaviours, even aggressive behaviours that can creep te if unchecked.

Wij then fright and look to find the answers to our child’s behaviour, wij search online, and tell everybody our problem, hoping for some miraculous discovery to cure our child’s behaviour, ter fact wij look ter so many places wij don’t even think to look closer to huis. I believe there is no such thing spil a bad child.

Some even just think it is the child acting out. But, wij also voorwaarde realise that it is just their behaviour I am not glad with. So wij vereiste identify the behaviour, find out where it came from and work to switching it.

Even spil Adults wij proceed to learn what is socially acceptable behaviour. Te workplaces, te relationships. and eventually what kleuter of behaviour wij end up training our children.

Understanding behaviour is a enormous undertaking, but I would like to think by the end of this pagina, you will have an idea about how effortless it is to rectify your behaviour and see a massive improvement te your child’s behaviour. Yes you read that last sentence correctly.

Learning and Behaviour – . the result of life practices

When I wasgoed studying Psychology the thoughts and writings on the Social Learning theory truly interested mij, and I reminisce being asked who wij learned our behaviours from. Wij were to write an verhandeling regarding our answers. Wij got to read everyone else’s, and it wasgoed so interesting to see how other people witnessed who had shaped and formed their learning across their lives. Why wij behaved ter the manner wij do. An example of this, wasgoed a woman who introduced herself spil self assured, well dressed and very articulate, and nothing phased hier, but she had bot brought up ter an abusive household, she told us how she wasgoed top of hier class, how she wasgoed the centre of attention and always the popular chick at schoolgebouw. So this wasgoed even more shocking a story, and just demonstrated how powerfullearned behaviour can be. She had learned how to hide the emotional manhandle she suffered, spil a child living ter a household with hier father who wasgoed an alcoholic. She had learned from hier mother to excuse this behaviour, accept this behaviour, and to never breathe a word of hier manhandle. She had also learned how to waterput on a face spil she called it.

Do you learn by being instructed or do you learn by watching how others act and behave?

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