But after being te the single world for a while (and hearing your friends’ horror stories), you do embark to notice some man patterns.

Dating is hard. Earnestly. I’m horrible at it. And with all the nonsense of internet dating websites and books like The Spel, it’s hard to believe that anybody finds true love ter this day and age. But after being te the single world for a while (and hearing your friends’ horror stories), you do begin to notice some man patterns. Some good, but a Lotsbestemming of bad. And when I say bad, I mean, studs you don’t want to date. Ladies, wij need all the help wij can get, so if you see any of thesis characteristics ter your man, I suggest you get rid of him right quick!

Here are the top Ten types of studs you do NOT want to have a relationship with:

1) The Clingy – he calls you sixty times a day, wants to see you every night, and can’t stand it when you see other people.В He drives you fully insane with his onveranderlijk mixtapes that he gives to you to voorstelling his love, or obsession.В Whatever you want to call it.

Two) The Jackass – he thinks it’s funny to insult you ter vuurlijn of his friends, and often attempts to degrade you at least merienda each day ter public.В He very likely drives a giant truck, and his idea of joy is stealing the ice fluid cones of unaware children.В

Trio) The Self-Obsessed – he likes himself wayyyy more than you (or anyone) and spends your dates staring at himself ter your klein. He makes you match with his garments and basically sees you spil an accessory to his flawless figure. You know, like a man purse.

Four) The Abuser – he puts you down whenever he can and attempts to get you to believe you’re stupid and can’t do any better.В His entire purpose ter life is to keep your self-esteem spil low spil possible so you won’t leave him.В Ironically, he’s usually a large loser himself with no job, a fecali gut, and unattractive facial hair.

Five) The Rusher – he attempts to cram an entire year of relationship into one month.В His aim is to marry you before your six-month anniversary, and you’ve already met his entire family, gone on a romantic vacation AND babysat his cats te the very first month of dating.В

6) The Commitment-Phobic – he’s so funked of committing that it even takes him Ten minutes to order food at a restaurant because he knows there’s no turning back afterwards.В You attempt for months to get him to even admit he likes you, to no avail.

7) The One Night Stand – he’s the last boy you’d everzwijn think about having a relationship with, but you were inebriated and te Mexico, and he wasgoed there.В The walk of shame is usually involved the next day, and if you spotted him more than merienda, your friends would disown you.

8) The Immature – he’s usually junior than you (but not ter every case), and he either plays movie games all day or still laughs too hard at fart jokes.В He’s got that 13-year-old relationship mentality and can’t treat an adult conversation if his life depended on it.

9) The Jealous – he always thinks you’re cheating on him, even if you’re out with your doll friends, and he’s permanently stalking your phone and email.В He merienda told you he wished you to zekering going to your mom’s house so much because he thought it wasgoed unnecessary.В

Ten) The Unambitious – his idea of setting a aim is to win five games of mannetjesvarken pong ter a row, or smoke out for a week straight.В He has absolutely no goals for the future, no job, and has gotten kicked out of schoolgebouw three times.В He only invites you overheen when he needs you to make a teddybeer run.В

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