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Accomplish sophisticated adventures, explore Egyptian tombs, and get a entire loterijlot of treasure te this Sims Trio Ofschoon Simhara guide!

Madbouli House

Ter the patio te the center, there&rsquo,s a slot ter the ground, inspect it to expose a staircase. You&rsquo,re technically still te the Madbouli house, so unless you&rsquo,ve befriended one of the occupants and asked to sleep overheen, they might get offended if you pitch your tent down here. Step on the foot panel and go through the unlocked om, then do the same thing ter the next slagroom. Thrust the statue onto the panel and go back to the slagroom with the stairs, now injecting the other unlocked om. There are two panels here, but only one statue. Very first shove the statue onto the right panel (parallel to the stairs ter the next slagroom), then go through the unlocked doorheen and step on the foot panel. This unlocks a onderbrak elsewhere. Go back and thrust the statue onto the other panel, and go through the other unlocked doorheen.

A staircase exposes itself when you inject the slagroom, but very first go through the other doorheen for some treasure. Back out and go down the stairs. You&rsquo,ll find your book te a chest down here, spil well spil a 2nd chest. Take the book and scheut, and report back to Rainia.

Rainia tells you to ask Sopdu Hawas about the Relic of the Zon. Talk with him and he&rsquo,ll ask for five chunks of copper te exchange for the relic, find them on your opbergmap and collect them. After you give Sopdu the copper, he&rsquo,ll give you the relic, which you can then supply to Rainia. Now she wants two chunks of mummitomium, which you can find on your opbergmap. Collect them and bring them back to hier. Unlike the other gems and metals you ordner have found, mummitomium emerges more uncommonly, if it&rsquo,s not on your ordner, wait a few Sim hours and check again. Alternately, you can buy it from the relic merchant ter town, but it is pricey. Merienda you&rsquo,ve got the mummitomium, terugwedstrijd to Rainia.

Next you need to infiltrate MorcuCorp HQ and deposit the mummitomium ter a chest spil a bribe. It turns out that MorcuCorp HQ is ter the Amin household on the edge of town, travel there and be invited inwards.

MorcuCorp Headquarters

Come in the bike garage behind the house and inspect the fuckhole te the wall to expose a staircase. Descend it. Disarm the visible trapje and walk through the hallway. Pull a statue onto the panel and another panel will emerge, repeat the process. Head down the triggered staircase.

The floor down here has visible and hidden traps, but they can all be disarmed. Go through the om at the other end of the hallway. Stekje the chests and use the crescent keystone you&rsquo,ll find at the end of the recibidor, go through the wall and step on the panel. Go through the secret ingevolge that&rsquo,s exposed, walk down the recibidor, and come in the next slagroom. Go down the stairs and step on the panel, then go through the wegens and step on the next panel. You&rsquo,re now te a slagroom utter of computers, with the chest to deposit the bribe te against the opposite wall. Stekje all three chests and druppel the bribe ter the center one, you&rsquo,ll instantaneously get a message from Rainia, telling you to hack a laptop inwards the HQ. The om to the commander&rsquo,s slagroom is on the opposite wall from the chests, and you can walk right ter.

Click on the laptop and select hack. After hacking, you&rsquo,ll get another message from Rainia telling you to look for the next relic ter the Tomb of the Desert Ocean, also known spil the Pyramid of the Sky. Find it on your schrijfmap and get going.

Pyramid of the Sky

Inspect the entrance and go through the onderbrak behind it. There&rsquo,s a starlet keystone ter the left corner, which you can reach by swimming across the pool. Grab it and use it to unlock the chest on the right side, which you also have to swim to reach. Then go through the doorheen on this side of the slagroom. Grab the starlet keystone, and use it te the om at the far end of the slagroom and go through, following the slagroom through to the next one. Inspect and pull both statues to expose two panels, pull the statues onto them to disable the electro-stimulation traps. Inspect the fuckhole ter the wall where the traps were to disable the floor electric current trapje, then step on the panel behind it. Then head through the doorheen at the end of the slagroom near the table.

Make your way across, being wary of a hidden fire trapje on the ground, which you can spot by the scorched earth. Disarm it and inspect the wall behind it to find a hidden vanwege, which you can go through.

Grab the Ancient Coins and treasure and then inspect the fuckhole te the floor, which opens a wall behind you. Lotsbestemming the treasure chest and go back through the wall, then through the nearest ingevolge. You can shove the statue onto the panel behind it to expose a crevice ter the floor with a money bag, but make sure to pull it back onto the panel it wasgoed on originally to disable the electric current traps. Step on the foot panel to disarm the surplus of the traps and explore the dive pool. Swim through and inspect the fuckhole ter the wall when you come out, which opens a shortcut back to the very first slagroom. Clear all the rubble to find a panel and shove the nearest statue on it, which exposes another panel. Pull another statue onto the panel near the locked om, then go through it after it unlocks and takje the chest. Pull the nearest statue onto the other panel, and go down the staircase.

You can collect some Ancient Coins ter this hallway. Go through the om halfway down the antesala for more treasure. If you have Pangu&rsquo,s Axe from China, smash the boulders and inspect the walls behind them to find secret slagroom with more treasure. Step on the panel to expose yet another hidden slagroom with a treasure chest. Spruit it, and go back out to the long hallway. Go down the stairs. Collect the Ancient Coins and clear the rubble to find yourself te another large slagroom with electric current traps.

If you can, smash the boulder to find a petite treasure slagroom. Takje it and then inspect all three statues ter the large slagroom. Disable the traps by pushing statues onto them, then step on the foot panel and inspect the crevice that shows up behind it. Go through the ingevolge near the disabled traps, and use the wall crevices to expose and disarm the electric current traps te gevelbreedte of you. Walk down and through the wegens. Stekje the chest for a keystone, which also sets off some fire traps near the voort through which you entered the slagroom. Use attempt to cross to disable the fire trapje blocking the om and go back to the large slagroom with three statues.

Instead of going through the unlocked wegens, inspect the wall to the right to find a secret onderbrak. If you get caught by the electrical trapje, thrust a statue onto it and step on the foot panel. Go through the secret onderbrak and inspect the crevice te the ground, which unlocks a wegens across the slagroom. Back out to the big slagroom and go through the other voort on that side, head through the unlocked om and twijg the treasure chest.

Backtrack to the slagroom with the two pools. Now you can use your keystone to open the locked ingevolge on the right side, so swim overheen and head through. Inspect the wall to the left of the entrance for a slagroom with a treasure chest. After looting it, swim across the pool to the other chest, and then go through the wegens on the right side of the large slagroom.

The voorwerp you&rsquo,re looking for is ter here, spil well spil some other treasure and zonderling Life Fruit plants. Harvest the fruit and scheut the chests, and then inspect the wall behind the chests. Grab the Ancient Coins behind the wall, then uitgang the pyramid and produce the relic.

Your next step is to ask Farid Kamel about the third relic, you&rsquo,ll have to get friendly with him if you aren&rsquo,t already. He&rsquo,ll ask for a plate of Shawarma, which you can get from the food vendor ter the market. Bring it to him and he&rsquo,ll tell you to go to the Superb Pyramid. This is going to be a long journey, so make sure you&rsquo,re stocked up on food and showers.

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