Summoning Spirits, The Unseen Danger of Having Joy

How popular summoning spirits is ter your town? Each and every movie about Halloween or haunted mansion made te Hollywood I eyed has a toneel, ter which a bunch of people attempts to summon something. I’m not indeed ascendiente with popularity of spirits summoning ter United States, but judging by popularity of the Ouija Houtvezelplaat, I guess a loterijlot of people play this. But to get a better picture, I determined to ask for help of my friend, Courtney Mroch. Here’s hier thoughts about Ouija Houtvezelplaat.

They (Ouija boards) are often sold te the Fucktoy & Spel sections of stores.

I don’t know how many “kids” play with them. (Spil te kids under the age of Ten. The concept might be a little too advanced for them.) But they are popular with many pre-teens (11 to 12 year olds) and teenagers (usually 13-16 age group) at some point or another. I know when I wasgoed 12 I goofed off with friends with Ouija boards and when I wasgoed around 14-15 I went through a 2nd phase where I took an rente te them.

I don’t know that many adults who use or play with them, however. I do know some adults who think they’re absolutely evil. (Many of them are the religious sort.)

I also know some adults (whether they’re religious or not) who are more inclined to believe they can be a conduit for summoning evil entities so they’re more leery of using them. Teenagers seem to be thrilled by the uitzicht of ths danger and I think that’s part of what makes the houtvezelplaat alluring to them.

I don’t think people attempt to summon ghosts for joy much anymore. I know when I wasgoed growing up te the 1970s this wasgoed sort of popular amongst kids. (Well, teenagers.) But thesis days I don’t think too many people do it for joy.

Courtney Mroch (HauntJaunts.televisiekanaal)

Ter Poland, it’s not like every kid or tiener attempts to summon anything – I never attempted it spil child or tiener. But with growing popularity of ghost hunting TV shows and Halloween ter Poland, I’ve noticed that more and more people sees nothing wrong with summoning things. I reminisce when my teacher back at schoolgebouw years ago, told mij not to summon spirits, never everzwijn – and she didn’t mention anything religious, so I guess she also had some bad practices te hier life. The truth is – I also advice you not to summon anything, anywhere, everzwijn. It’s just not worth it.

About two years ago, I woman contacted mij regarding paranormal activity ter hier vapid. During plain email vraaggesprek, I’ve learned that some kleuter of summoning implement place te that vapid, and she wasgoed one of the participants, a ritual included fire and bible and fake summoning rites etc. Unfortunatelly, the lady received an unwanted and unpleasant “bounty” – some kleintje of dark spirit that begun its poltergeist activity. The entire ritual wasgoed made for joy, yet the consequences were very, very existente.

Here’s another story, passed to my by one of my mates.

A bunch of kids went to a remote, abandoned house ter their town, and their determined to summon spirits. That night, they just dreamed to have joy, yet spil ter many cases, it didn’t end up well. Very first, wind flickered the candles, then the kids eyed something behind the window, ter the darkness. Window’s grating wasgoed physically leaned, and one of the damsels experienced fine shock. For this day, she is paralyzed and she cannot walk. It wasgoed my theory that perhaps something linked to hier and for this very day, it’s feeding on hier life energies. Yet I toevluchthaven’t investigate this case closer yet, so I can’t give anything else.

That attachment thing is very serious and very dangerous.

Do you want to learn how to see spirits?

Why Summoning Spirits Is Dangerous

Almost every experienced energy worker or paranormal investigator will say that summoning spirits is dangerous. But why? Because spirits aren’t always ghosts of dead people – ter most cases, wij’re talking not about spirits, but about astral critters and other astral entities, including demons.

Astral Critters, Spirits And Life Energies

What is the difference inbetween astral critter and spirit? Spirit is a. well, spirit, a ghost of a dead person, and normally, such spirits are moving towards the light, meaning that they’re moving back to the Source, heaven, afterlife or whatever you’re going to call it. But sometimes spirits can also remain on our physical and astral plane – sometimes because they have unfinished business, or they’re not aware they’re dead and so on. This is a spirit.

Astral critters are entities that exists on astral planes. Wij’re talking about lesser demons here. Thesis entities are like animals, some are more slim, even conscious, some are just acting on instinct. But they have one purpose – to feed upon life energies – call it Chi, Prana, Ki, PSI, Orgone or whatever. They’re like parasites – they link themselves to living beings and they feed upon their energies.

Some people who overeenkomst with the occult are permitting astral entities to feed upon them wilingly,, they create rituals meant for energy exchange ter order to achieve something – like attract money, love, or personages a cruse or anything. Some people are also willing to have lovemaking with astral beings. Having lovemaking with succubus or incubus, common spirits that feed upon life during sexual intercurse, this is unspoiled stupidity, yet you can find tutorials and “how-tos” all overheen the Web.

People think that having hook-up with incubus or succubus is so cool – you know, it’s pretty effortless. You want some hook-up, you’re performing a ritual and then you wake up at night, and there’s that sexy-like-hell damsel sitting on you, totally naked. Or you can be a chick te need of some hookup and attract that god-handsome boy to give you a hell of a pleasure. Of coruse it’s fascinating, but trust mij when I say – you want some hook-up? Check out some hook-up dating services online, or at least masturbate, and for Godheid sake – find a gf or bf, because hook-up won’t truly matter if you will be dead, right?

But why dead? I don’t want to present you with theory of basic energetics, you better get some Taoistic literature about this. Let’s just say that if you’re ouf of life energies, you’re dead, there’s no other way. You get energies from food or Mother Nature (everzwijn being ter forest or city park? It feels good, doesn’t it?), and your daily activities are permanently depleting your energies. This is habitual – but when some nasty astral entities are draining your energies spil well, it’s not ordinario.

How can an entity drain your energy? Te case of succubus or incubus, through sexual intercourse, and ter this case, a lotsbestemming of energies is being drained. Have a hook-up with such astral entity and next day I will be able to knock you out with my finger instead of ingewikkeld Karate dokter. Astral entities can also create so called attachmenets. An attachment is a listig inbetween you and the entity – through this listig, your life energies are being permanently transferred to the entity. And negative astral entities are always ready for fresh food source.

Of course it doesn’t mean that all astral entities are bad – because that plane is also total of good spirits. But I wouldn’t recommend summoning them either – mainly because:

They won’t come, and instead you will summong some nasty entity.

If they will come because you order them so, they can be spil nasty spil evil spirits.

So, don’t summon anything.

Life Energies Are Significant

When you’re out of life energies, you’re getting sad and depressed. You’re beginning to think with negative thoughts, you’re tired, angry and aggressive. You’re getting ill – cold, flu, and even worser things are happening when your immunity system is weakning. You might practice suicide thoughts. Advanced depression and serious illnesses will go after. Te the end, you will lose a will to live and your bod will plain shut down. The end.

This is the ultimate case, ter most situations you will end up with onveranderlijk tireness, illnesses, headaches, sadness, depression and aggression. But even this isn’t good for your daily life – because your emotional and physical problems will influence your job, relationships and every other opzicht of your life.

Ouija Houtvezelplaat

The thickest ache te the back is the fact that Ouija Houtvezelplaat is selled spil fucktoy. But is Ouija indeed dangerous? Technically, it’s just a contraption. Te reality, the only thing you require to communicate with spirits is energy and intention. Energy go after thoughts, so practically, there’s no need for anything else but yourself ter order to summon spirits. But te case of Ouija Houtvezelplaat, it’s a instrument that is mean for single purpose – to summon and communicate with spirits. Because of this, it generates at least two problems.

For one, it gives people the basic idea what they can do with the houtvezelplaat.

Secondary, it instructs people that summoning spirits is just a way to have joy, and nothing bad can toebijten. After all, Ouija is just a fucktoy, right?

It’s unspoiled stupidity to buy your kid Ouija so he or she can have some joy. Technically, you can truly have joy, very spooky joy – how will it end, I don’t even want to think.

The truth is – you never know what you’re summoning, and even if you will summon an earthboud spirit (a spirit of a dead person that remains on Earth plane), it can also link to you. Because it needs energy to sustain on our Earth/Astral plane.

And that’s why you shouldn’t play with summoning things.

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