I had some horrible very first dates and I’m sure that you had some too. Sometimes they were horrible because I wasgoed careless and sometimes. Not. Your take?

My very first date everzwijn wasgoed fairly an expierience. I wasgoed 16 and had met my very first true love. Wij went out with a bunch of friends to a mountain top. There were alot of people there stringing up out. The boy I wasgoed with wasgoed drinking and determined he had to urinate. He starts yelling, &quot,Help!&quot, He had slipped down the mountain a bit and I had to save him.

That truly is bittersweet, UK. I voorwaarde have truly cared for him (I wonder if he pretended to slip ) I’m indeed sorry to hear about his accident. That’s truly awful. If you don’t mind mij asking, how old were you back then?

I feel like I know you pretty well, Fred. You told mij this story on one of your hubs, about having close-calls with things that had tires and a steering wheel! It vereiste have bot something spil I can recall it. You’re obviously a good writer my friend

hmmm describe my very first date! Hectare I have bot on way tooooo many very first dates to actually reminisce who or where the very first one wasgoed

You’re too much! I’m sure that you have one you can share

Ok you got a good giggle out of mij . . but you have to reminisce I could be the queen of very first dates. . .and since the list go on and on . .the very first one that came to my mindtonight wasgoed one that came to Westchester airport ter his plane (he wasgoed coming from eastern long island). . .anyway wij had a quick dinner ter Fresh Caanan (not too far from the airport) and I knew right away I desired it to be quick .. . for the only question he asked mij (and asked it overheen and and overheen again) wasgoed &quot,did I think there wasgoed chemistry inbetween us&quot, At very first I shied away from the question and then eventually I could take it no more .. so by the time he asked mij for thr 5th time the words just gushed of my mouth. . &quot,IF THERE Wasgoed YOU WOULD NOT HAVE TO ASK&quot, . . still dont think he got it for he kept calling for weeks after that!

Plane? Fresh Canaan? You vereiste be one Cutie Pie to attract that crowd You’re a Giants fan, are from the City, and are HOT! What man te his right mind wouldn’t want you?

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