Leigh’s death is a grim reminder of what can toebijten when meeting a predator online.

Kym L. Pasqualini is a freelance writer and founder of Nation’s Missing Children Organization and National Center for Missing Adults.

“It has bot ten years since the Fresh York Times proclaimed it socially acceptable to meet your date on the Internet,” wrote Ann Friedman ter a 2013 article titled “Perils of Online Dating.” According to Friedman, one-third of America’s 90 million singles have used online dating services. While some find love, get married, and live cheerfully everzwijn after, some have met with tragedy.

Robyn Gardner mysteriously vanishes while vacationing with man she met online

Maryland resident, Robyn Gardner remains missing after meeting Gary Giordano, 50, online. Robyn, 35, had met Giordano on an online dating webpagina, developing a friendship prior to hier disappearance on August Two, 2011, while vacationing ter Aruba.

Robyn had considered Giordano a friend and even hier close friends knew of Giordano spil an acquaintance. Robyn accepted an invitation to travel to Aruba with Giordano where she mysteriously vanished while staying at the Wedergeboorte Aruba Resort & Gokhal ter Oranjestad. Hier family resumes to despairingly search for answers.

When Giordano reported Robyn missing, he told authorities he had bot snorkeling with Robyn off Kindje Beach on August Two. He explained he tapped on Robyn’s gam when he noticed the tide start to pull them out to sea and proceeded to come back to shore. Merienda on land, Giordano indicated he noticed Robyn wasgoed gone.

Weather reports indicate the waters off Zuigeling Beach on the southeast end of the island of Aruba, to be mild the day of Robyn’s disappearance.

When questioned by authorities, Giordano’s answers failed to add up and his lack of concern apparent when authorities arrested Giordano. While the search wasgoed ongoing, Giordano attempted to comeback to the U.S. Police arrested at the airport.

Robyn’s friends and family all agree that Robyn would never go snorkeling. Robyn’s junior brother Andrew Colson told the Daily Mail, “She just wouldn’t want to ruin hier makeup or get hier hair moist.”

Two days after Robyn’s disappearance, Giordano contacted American Express (AMEX) regarding a $1.Five million life insurance voorwaarde. Giordano had taken out an insurance policy with American Express Travel Insurance that would pay upon the “accidental death” of Robyn.

AMEX informed Giordano the policy wasgoed only ter effect during the time they were te Aruba and there had not bot a determination spil authorities were still ter the early stages of search efforts for a missing person.

Te June 2012, Giordano filed a suit ter the Cook County Circuit Court against Chicago based AMEX Assurance for $Three.Five million due for failure to pay on Robyn’s life insurance eis. Robyn remains missing.

  • Why did Giordano tell Robyn’s mother he would stay and assist with the search, then brusquely attempt to leave?
  • Why did Robyn postbode a portentous message, “This gargles,” on hier Facebook wall at Two a.m. the day she vanished?
  • Why did Giordano fail to display any worry or emotion te the days following Robyn’s disappearance?
  • Why did Robyn’s Gmail account indicate she had bot online for two days following hier disappearance?
  • Why did Giordano voeling AMEX on August 4th, only two days after Robyn’s disappearance and ask if the policy also covered search costs?

Witnesses that were approached by Giordano on the beach following Robyn’s alleged snorkeling accident report the following:

  • One witness reported Giordano had a cut on his mouth similar to an injury one would sustain after being scraped by a fingernail.
  • Another witness reports she spotted blood on the beach.
  • Yet another witness reported she noticed Giordano wasgoed sweating when he told hier his gf wasgoed lost while snorkeling but the witness said his cut-offs were not raw.

Robyn’s disappearance remains a mystery and many questions raising suspicion of Giordano’s connection, remain unanswered. However, speculation points to Robyn Gardner spil one of many people who has fallen victim to an online predator.

Tragedy hits huis te Central Michigan – Murder of Leigh Swanson

On November 28, 2012, Midland County Sheriff announced Steven Fabo slok and killed himself spil deputies approached his huis to question him about the disappearance of Leigh Swanson.

Swanson, 45, had met a man on an online dating webpagina according to hier mother, Beverly Kane. Kane said hier daughter had voiced that she had a “bad feeling” prior to going on the date.

On November 16, Leigh is picked up for a date with a man she had become acquainted with online. On November Legal, 2012, Swanson called hier mother from the man’s huis indicating everything wasgoed fine and she would be huis soon. She never arrived.

At the time hier family did not know the name of the individual who picked Leigh up for the date and when she did not arrive huis they made a missing person report. Authorities traced the number to a huis te Edenville Township, Mie.

When deputies approached the vuurlijn vanwege of Fabo’s residence, they heard a gunshot from inwards. Ordering anyone inwards to come out with their arms overheen their goes, a man exited the huis holding a cell phone ter his palm. The man had bot on the phone with 911 reporting his son had just slok himself inwards. Police zometeen found Swanson’s bod te a wooded area on a neighboring property.

Leigh’s death is a grim reminder of what can toebijten when meeting a predator online.

Tips to Protect Yourself

  • Always meet te a public place. Never invite the individual to pick you up from your huis or accept an invitation to theirs.
  • Use the online dating webpagina email system to communicate. Reminisce, the more information you give out the lighter you are to find. Even providing a private email address gives someone enough information to find out who you are and where you live.
  • If you determine to meet personally, attempt to obtain spil much verifiable information about the person prior to the meeting, such spil name and phone number.
  • Make sure you let someone close to you know who you are meeting, where you are meeting, and spil much information about the person spil possible. You can even have your friend call you during the date. This gives your friends and family peace of mind but also sends a clear message to the individual you are with that others know where you are.
  • Do your homework. It is not unreasonable to conduct a background investigation on a potential mate and could lessen the danger to yourself and those you love.
  • No matter how comfy you feel with the person, never leave your food or drink unattended.

While I am not discouraging anyone from online dating, I have worked te missing persons and homicide cases for overheen twenty-years and encourage everyone to take every precaution necessary to protect yourself. Wij voorwaarde not permit thesis tragedies or the lives of the victims to be te vain.

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