Another Gay Dating Webstek Comment

I have mentioned te other posts, that I am a member of a few dating websites, and, I have bot getting a loterijlot of replies lately from several fellows, unluckily, my chances of meeting those guys are zero. I don’t understand why someone who lives te Spokane Washington would request a meeting with someone like mij who lives ter Michigan. However, I merienda almost drove to Texas to meet up with someone I had actually met before, then determined it wasgoed too much of a risk.

Brimancandy, sometimes people can feel fairly attracted to, or even obsessed with someone they talk to online, so I don’t think it’s strange wanting to meet someone from so far away. If I had the money to travel I would have come to the States a long time ago just to meet a love rente. So don’t rule it out, you may just find your soul mate that way.

Thanks Cardisa. I have thought of that. If I had more money, and the capability to do a lotsbestemming of traveling, I would be tempted. I have a friend who travels the country with a kampeerauto. He meets lots of people, and found a playmate ter Lake Tahoe. He’s auténtico adorable however, and a sweetheart.

Sometimes I wish I ware a gay man, then I would meet all thesis cuties. Trust mij, gay guys are so sexy. please don’t laugh at mij but I do get jealous sometimes.

Brimancandy, maybe it’s because they cannot be open about their sexiness ter the region where they live. There is still so much prejudice, unluckily. Perhaps some of the guys are even te relationships with women, because that is what their friends and family expect. There could be all kinds of reasons.

Thanks for the comment. Most gay dating sites require a membership, and the only people who will see you profile are other members, and there are a ton of studs te the plee on thesis sites. You can usually tell who they are, they will have no photo, and only a few words to describe themselves, and it usually something sexual. either that or they are trolls.

To be fair, I’ve never actually used a dating webpagina. I’d had it with boys after the breakdown of my last relationship (ten years ago lol) But my son is gay and I support him fully, but he has told mij about gay friends of his that are te relationships with women because that’s what their family expects. And, evidently, his friends will go off te search of potential playmates who live out of the area. Reducing the risk of being caught. It’s possible that anyone posting a picture of themselves doesn’t worry to much about being caught because anyone observing it is also using the webstek te question. They’re both exposed to blackmail so to speak. I dunno, it still shocks mij that te this day and age people cannot be open about their sexiness because of some deluded hypocryts.

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