Which is more successful, love or arrange marriage?

Tell mij about your opinion about marriage.

I could never imagine an arranged marriage everzwijn working like a loving relationship would.

Any marriage can work or fail, regardless of whether it wasgoed arranged or not. Couples who were madly ter love when married may get divorced. Couples that had their marriage arranged may fall te love and have a long married life together. Every situation is different.

Depends what you mean by &quot,successful&quot.

Arranged marriages tend to last longer (statistically proven).

Yes, but bear te mind that ter most societies that practice arranged marriages, divorce is still a very strong stigma.

To be nice, I’ll attempt to response the topic question and then I’ll give you how it is indeed.

I believe loving someone is spil much a choice spil it is a feeling. When you set out to actively love someone, the feelings toebijten naturally.

Can two people ter an arranged marriage get divorced?

love I could not imagine having to be told who to marry especially if I did not even like them. I have seen arranged marriages and some of them not all are so unhappy but stuck te the marriage they do not want to be te.

but it is essential affair of life.

don’t you think one has to do it?

Surely isn’t the ideal an arranged marriage that works – ie one where the duo fall ter love? Maybe it is possible to have both love and an arranged marriage? I’d rather find my own man but I also respect other cultures where the family arranges things.

I think if an arranged marriage meant marrying someone who wasgoed filthy rich, that might have some advantages. Usually arranged marriages are made for money, or overheen religeon.

Or, hier find what she truly wants, spil kleintje of a win/win situation. I’m sure wij could be friends.

Te my opinion success te marriage doesn’t depend solely on how it wasgoed established. love or arranged. Wij can say that there is a better chance of success if the union wasgoed done for love’s sake but te the end, it is the duo’s commitment to stay ter love or become te love (te the case of arranged marriage) and stay glad together that will truly matter.

personally I’d have to say love. However, there is something to be said for arranged marriages te that people go into it without any expectations. One of the thickest killers of relationships with someone you love is the excessive, unreasonable expectations many people have of their relationship. The most successful marriage I personally know of wasgoed an arranged one, and it ended up lasting almost 80 years. I know this isn’t natural, but it can certainly toebijten, and how often can that be said for marriages of love?

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