What are good teenage dating websites under Eighteen?

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I find it very confusing

And you’re the fellow ter this pic?

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Honestly I wouldn’t trust dating sites unless you actually face time and talk to the person through phone. Attempt finding someone at schoolgebouw. at a party, or meet up with mutual friends. Never Skype at all. They can find out where you live by tracking your ip address. Good luck with all that.

I think that the only ones where you are going to find reasonable guys would be on sites where you have to pay money. Those people are serious because they are paying money to find someone. Match.com wasgoed pretty good.

i hate people talking behind their best friends. jeez they trusted all their secrets and just a sec prosperidad!! your spreading THE BIG NEWS? your just not into friendship.

i fell the same way

Why do you want under Legitimate sites? sounds like you’re a pedophile. If you’re 18-24 and attempting to date damsels junior than Legitimate you’re a pig. And I don’t know why people are helping you with this question.

So if he’s Legitimate and wants a 17 year old gf, he’s a pig?

The question’s 7 years old- when he posted it, he’d have bot 11-17 himself.

Well there’s mylol. com and crushzone. com

Hello anybody single. Into mixed boys (light skin) ????????????????

I am single and I have light skin

Hi am single and light skin I would love to be your beau

Light skin and single

I’m single and mixed

Light skin and single

Dude, if you’re older than Legitimate, why do you want to date a tiener? #CreepAlert

Lol look this question came out 6 years ago????????

@ToruMatsuda omfg i hadn’t even noticed! hahahaha it showcased up on my feed

Sick of being single 14 turning 15 soon I love to party am willing to attempt different things I’m a stoner and hate guys who cheat

How about you concentrate on schoolgebouw rather than doing things when you have no seize on the repercussions? Ladies your age are all like, “I need a loyal man,”, “I need a man who’ll smoke with mij,”, “I need a man who doesn’t care if I party.” Go do your damn homework and concentrate on schoolgebouw. People with your mentality are why wij have so many damn teenage pregnancies thesis days.

@tselbs you are goals, my friend ???

Just turned 15 still single 🙁

I’m 14 need a bf Kik bellafowles and Instagram bellafowles looking for a nice funny stud

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