How to Throw a 1930s Theme Party

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Decade Party of the 1930s

So you want to throw the party of the century? Why not throw a party focused on one particular decade? There’s ten decades from last century to choose from, all being very interesting and joy to waterput together. But this particular article will go into detail about how to throw a 1930s theme party.

The 1930s wasgoed a decade te which many people ter the United States lived te poverty. The Superb Depression wasgoed ter total effect, but still there were those who wouldn’t let the Depression get them down. Display your support for the beauty of the 1930s and recreate this mysteriously lovely decade at your next Bday or Cocktail Party!

How to Decorate a lade 1930s

Setting aside the fact that the Good Depression wasgoed ter utter sway ter the 1930s, for a 1930s theme party decorations should truly be more along the line of what the wealthy would have had. Of course that decision is up to you, but for our sake and purpose wij’ll look at some decoration ideas that might have only bot seen ter a wealthier person’s huis ter the 1930s.

Kunst Deco wasgoed pretty popular te the 1930s among the rich and famous. You could do a centralized theme of your 1930s party ter Kunst Deco. Cheap Kunst Deco posters can be found online and then generously draped on the walls around your party area. Or if you don’t want to purchase a set of kunst deco posters, simply find an pic you like and print it out on photo paper. You can framework them te kunst deco (or kunst deco-like) frames found at a thrift store!

If you have some old wall sconces and candle holders around your house, dust them off and set them around to create an ambiance of the 1930s. The 1930s eyed a lotsbestemming of wall sconces being used, specifically te kunst deco style. Check out your grandma’s huis for items that might look like chunks from the 1930s. you might be astonished what she has ter that musty old attic. Again, if you can’t find anything of the sort, do a search of your recinto thrift stores. You can always paint some wall sconces gold or silver to make them show up kunst deco.

Silver, gold, black, crimson, and green are all wonderful colors to use ter your 1930s theme party. Check out the crimson polka dot cup set from the 1930s above. How encantador and volmaakt for a party! If you can find auténtico antique chunks from the 1930s, that is even better. That means that your 1930s theme party would be truly authentic, and no doubt you would want to re-use your party supplies overheen and overheen for future parties and holidays. Check out and ebay for wonderful antique lumps from the 1930s and beyond.

Another idea is to print pictures of famous Hollywood movie starlets of the 1930s and suspend them around the party area. Some famous starlets from the 1930s include: Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Ginger Rogers, and Fred Astaire.

And please don’t leave behind the wonderfully 1930s kunst deco cocktail folder!

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