How to Project a Traditional Wedding

Programma a traditional wedding may seem to be effortless at the very first view, spil you simply need to do what is common, attempted and tasted and use less effort on creativity. However fully organizing everything traditionally may be tricky! While traditional weddings were a “rule” before, and made the ceremony common, now they can be a beautiful classical choice overheen many modern weddings and yes, a way to be different! So here are a few steps to go while programma a traditional wedding.

Wedding Programma Checklist:

  • Set a workable budget: think about how much money you wish or can afford to spend on your wedding (recall, traditional weddings are not cheap!).
  • Make a list of guests to be invited, embarking from relatives ending up with friends and other potential guests.
  • Make up your mind on the date and book the wedding venue, if you wish.
  • Hire a wedding photographer, if you are not a professional yourself.
  • Rent a wedding dress with at least 3-4 feet long train and purchase the wedding rings.
  • Choose the wedding cake vormgeving traditionally and order the cake.
  • Purchase wedding accessories and make an appointment with hair and makeup artists.
  • Make a list of the wedding songs, (hire musicians, if you wish).
  • Organize the spijskaart, flowers spil well spil the ceremony and reception order.
  • Invite your guests!
  • Choose wedding vows, if you can’t write your own (which is preferred), look for them ter wedding websites online or te books.
  • Choose close relatives, such spil brother and sister spil the best man and maid of honor. If you don’t have a brother or a sister, the cousins can substitute.
  • Dress the bridesmaids te gowns with the same color and style. The maid of honor can wear differently.
  • Finalize your huis decorations, project a sit-down dinner.
  • Get ready for the honeymoon!

1. Cook Traditional Food

Every nation has its own national cuisine coming from old times. It is simply what our grandparents used to cook and eat. Thus whether you are a traditionalist yourself or just want to project your wedding traditionally, you should be able to find traditional recipes. One way (and most likely the best way) is to ask your parents or grandparents, spil they are more likely to know many national recipes. Cooking websites and books on traditional cooking can be excellent alternatives.

For example, if you wish to cook traditional American wedding food (which is adopted from different cultures, but also has Native American components), then consider serving appetizers, entrees and toetjes te this same order.

The most common appetizers usually include:

  • Slammed mushrooms
  • Honeydew or melon packaged ter prosciutto,
  • Bruschetta
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Green beans
  • Macaroni salad (or some basic salad)
  • Jammed peppers
  • Bake chicken
  • Fish (like cod)
  • Beef

While the wedding cake is always the queen of the table, cupcakes and other cookies will keep your guests ter mood! Chocolate is always an option!

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