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With a successful 2013 NFA mission season behind us, wij start preparations for 2014. The very first task is to review applications that have come te overheen the past year. It is always interesting to read the response to the question, “What prompted you to apply for an NFA mission and what are you hoping to [&hellip,]

A phrase wij so often read on applications submitted to Nurses for Africa is: “I have always dreamed to go on a mission to Africa” or ” I have dreamed to do something like this forever”. Remarkably, wij hear that same statement from 22 year olds all the way up to 62 year olds. There [&hellip,]

How do you measure the “success” of a medical mission? Success is not measured by the number of medical assessments finished or the number of miles walked on huis visits. It cannot be measured by how many children attended kid’s day activities or how many suitcases of supplies and donations were distributed. It is not [&hellip,]

Thesis last few days before my team leaves for Zambia are packed with anticipation and just a touch of anxiety. There are always last minute things to get done and the fear that something will be forgotten. But ter the midst of this busy week, I am thinking of the wonderful Zambian people wij will be serving [&hellip,]

What a busy summer with Four teams traveling to Zambia and two fresh communities being served! It wasgoed indeed titillating to travel to Zambia with a team of nurses from all overheen the United States. Te addition to serving te Malikota and Susu, wij extended our medical services to Malenga and Maranatha te the Copperbelt [&hellip,]

Wij had good success this year from both of our teams! Team 1 spent the week ter the village of Malikota while team Two served te Susu village. Te addition to making huis visits and conducting mobile clinics, the nurses took 200 pair of footwear for the children and the careworkers to help them avoid parasite infestation [&hellip,]

Charles, Lawrence and friends from the “Hands at Work” foundation express their gratitude to the nurses before they leave back for huis te the United States.

The nurses head out to the pubic hair and set up a improvised clinic bringing much needed health care to the surrounding villages. Spil they go about their work some of the nurses grow anxious overheen a sick kindje they had encountered ter the same area a few days before, they wonder if their help has [&hellip,]

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