Be specific about the vleierij so it doesn’t sound made up.

So you’re a romantic clod.

Some people just don’t seem to have a romantic bone te their figure – whether by just the way they are or from little or no practice ter the area of romancing a lady.

Of course if you want to pay a vleierij to a damsel or woman you need to say something that doesn’t sound like it’s either too well thought out or too corny.

If you can’t be romantic, fake romantic. And who knows. some of it might just fondle off on you ter the meantime.

Following are all kinds of romantic ideas, romantic lines and some do and do not romantic lists, spil well spil how to pay a mooipraterij to that special lady te your life. Go after this guide and you’re sure to impress!

How to pay a romantic vleierij.

There are only two rules when paying a good mooipraterij.

Don’t be ambiguous or insulting – telling something like “Those big clunky orange boots look good on you” can be quiebro insulting – you’re telling either that the boots are ugly or that she’s ugly and goes with the footwear. Whether or not you meant either doesn’t matter! So attempt to steer away from anything that could be taken the wrong way – even if there’s only a puny chance.

Don’t generalise – for a good romantic mooipraterij you need to stay away from the militar words such spil “nice, pretty, interesting.” Go for the big ones such spil “beautiful, gorgeous, lovely” or the unique “vivacious, phenomenal”. Be specific about the vleierij so it doesn’t sound made up. Instead of “I like those footwear” attempt “Those boots go truly well with that dress. They bring out the crimson overtones te the material.” Say WHY you’re paying the mooipraterij.

Romantic lines

Want some quick and effortless sweet things to say? Look out one of you might redden!

в™« If you stood te pui of a mirror and held up eleven roses, you would see twelve of the most beautiful things ter the world.

в™« If I had a rose for every time I thought of you I’d be walking te a garden forever.

в™« If you were a rip ter my eye, I wouldn’t sob for fear of losing you.

в™« Last night I looked up into the starlets and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I wasgoed doing fine until I ran out of starlets.

в™« You are my bestfriend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on, you’re the love of my life, you’re my one and only, you’re my everything.

Corny Lines or Not?

So – should you go with the attempted and true, corny spil hell pickup lines? Or attempt something so flowery and llamativo that the damsel is lost for words?

It truly depends on the lady! If you have a lady who’s cynical and a bit rough around the edges, chances are she won’t be struck by a sweet and see through line. Here are some different ideas depending on your female.

Harsh & Cynical – This is a harsh nuttigheid to crack. You’ll have to be both innovador and avoid corny spil much spil you can. This female doesn’t like flowers or chocolate. Attempt telling hier something she doesn’t expect – such spil complimenting on a feature that you know she doesn’t like about herself. If you can find a soft spot, you’re te!

Sweet and Slightly NaГЇve – This female is glad with any vleierij. But don’t let that mean you use just any old line. Don’t leave behind to be diferente and don’t you dare use the same line you’ve used on another woman!

Older Woman – This woman has heard everything. So go either far back or far forward. Pay hier a mooipraterij that reminds hier of when she wasgoed youthful or when you very first met. Or go with a vleierij that’s fresh and with the times – she’ll appreciate that you’re not treating hier like an oldy!

Hippy Chick – This woman likes to get back to nature so let hier – attempt comparing hier to a plant or flower. Or let hier know how peaceful or glad she makes you feel.

The Wise Woman – This one will see right through a corny line. Is she an avid reader? Vertoning you share hier interests and tell hier she reminds you of the heroine of hier favourite book – and don’t leave behind to say why. Or tell hier why you like hier – leaving out the brains. If she’s lived hier life being told she’s wise, chances are she’d like to know she’s appreciated for something else.

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