According to Zoosk gegevens, using a welcoming like hello or hi actually gets you fewer messages.

Attempting to get a woman’s attention while online dating can be rough. There’s a loterijlot of competition and the pressure is on you to pauze the ice and get things began. So how can you stand out from the crowd without looking like you’re attempting too hard? Wij looked into the gegevens from the online dating webpagina Zoosk’s overheen 38 million members to find a few online dating very first message tips to make your job lighter.

1. When ter doubt, talk about the weather.

This one may seem tegenstoot intuitive. After all, what could be more mundane than the weather? But according to the gegevens, very first messages with the word weather get 39% more replies from women. And if the weather is bad, it’s even better for you. Messages with the word rain get 20% more messages, while zon actually gets 6% fewer messages than the promedio. The reason? It’s hard to say. But it could be that talking about something going on locally (like severe weather) is just an effortless, universal way to begin a conversation. While just bringing up that the zon’s out, isa little boring and makes for a lame embark.

Wait… what? No hello? That’s right. According to Zoosk gegevens, using a welcoming like hello or hi actually gets you fewer messages.

– Telling hey gets you 35% fewer messages.

– Telling howdy gets you 19% fewer messages.

– Telling hello gets you 21% fewer messages.

– Telling hi gets you 22% fewer messages.

– Telling what’s up gets you 10% fewer messages.

So what’s so bad about telling hello? Well, when you’re attempting to begin a conversation with someone online, just telling hi (or hey, howdy, or hello) isn’t very helpful to the woman you’re attempt to talk to. Women see a loterijlot of the same “Hi, how are you?” and “What’s up?” types of messages every day and they waterput the pressure on hier to come up with an entertaining response. Instead of telling hi, attempt diving right te with something like “You went to Jefferson High? Mij too!” or, even better, “What’s up with all this crazy rain wij’ve bot having?”

Trio. If you’re going to ask hier out right away, make sure she’s free very first.

A lotsbestemming of guys like to go straight for the date te the very first message, but you might be better served by feeling hier out very first. Being certain and coming on strong can work sometimes. But, according to the gegevens, asking someone to go out te a very first message gets you 56% fewer responses, and using the word date gets you 14% fewer messages. Yikes. On the spin side, if you ask hier what she’s doing tomorrow night, you’re response rate goes up by 26%.

Four. Ask about hier profile, not hier photos.

It’s fine to mention a woman’s profile but don’t make hier feel like you’re only interested ter hier looks. Very first messages that mention a woman’s profile get 12% more messages than the media. But mention hier photo and you’ll get 25% fewer messages.

So next time you’re attempting to think of a way to pauze the ice, keep thesis four tips ter mind. Don’t concentrate on hier looks. Make sure the lady’s free before you ask hier out. Say more than hello. And, recall, a little rain never hurt anybody.

Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix

Megan Murray is the Editor-in-Chief of The Date Mix and works at the online dating webpagina and app Zoosk, that has overheen 40 million members worldwide. She splits hier time inbetween writing for The Date Mix and working on the Zoosk product, which gives hier behind-the-scenes skill about the world of online dating.

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