Kang Han Na’s agency Fantagio told Xsportsnews that the two are just friends who got close after filming a toneelstuk together.

Bae Doona & Son Seok Gu

Bae Doona and Son Seok Gu have addressed reports that they are dating. On May 23, one news report claimed that the two actors had bot dating since last year. They met through Netflix’s ‘Sense 8’, and are presently both also on the same label. However, their common label said, “It’s not true that they are dating. Read more

Not only spil performers, but writers, producers, choreographers, and directors!

Marc Copage

So that wasgoed pretty much it. My limited drug use never indeed caused mij to do anything that wasgoed headline worthy. It did cause mij to make some bad decisions tho’.

Bad Decision

I wasgoed personages te the Westelijk Coast premiere of the Broadway kasstuk “Runaways”. The display wasgoed an flamante musical written and composed by Elizabeth Swados. Read more

The Basic level is free, but it does not include the essentials like distribution deals, press kits, and apps.

For every musician or liaison, commencing out is difficult and getting your music out there can be challenging. That’s why it is good to have a reliable resource where you can upload, manage and sell your music and build a fan cojín.

Building Websites

Hostbaby Review

Established back te 2000, Hostbaby.com provides independent artists, musicians and authors the instruments they need ter order to develop their career te the online environment. Read more