The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking webpagina of all time. Within six years, Facebook has experienced dramatic growth—it has reached more than a billion users and is still growing rapidly.

For many, Facebook has become an integral part of day-to-day life. However, while the social media webpagina can be very useful, it’s significant to avoid becoming addicted to it. Read more

Our Angels Speak to Us Through Numbers: 444

When you see the numbers “444”—whether on the clock (Four:44), a license plate, a sign, the internet, a bill, just anywhere—it is “a sign of the power of Schepper’s love,” according to Nick Bunick, author of Ter Schepper’s Truth. Te Doreen Virtue’s book Weerhaak Numbers, she describes the meaning of the number combination 444 spil, “Thousands of angels surround you at this ogenblik, loving and supporting you …” I’ve had more than a decade’s worth of wonderful practices with 444s. Read more

The Album I Now Use The Album I Use I Write The Year On Each Album The Year 2011 Is Finished The Mailbox Outside Our Very first Huis 1959 My Mother Holding Our Very first Kind Our Very first Kind Born Te 1959 My Granddaughter’s Graduation From Collegium The Birth Of My Very first Superb Granddaughter My Albums Are A History Of Our Family My family album is a history of our family .

My Family Album For 2011

The Importance Of A Family Photograph Album

Ter this age of digital photography it seems to mij that people don’t place too much importance on keeping a Family Photograph Album anymore. I think this is a big mistake. Our family is very dear to us. Read more

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