What do studs look for te a woman that they want to marry?

Some dudes just like to date some women for joy and then others they want to marry, what is the difference inbetween the two.

Good Question dawnM! I think some woman are just that way hey, they avail themselves to the &quot,just like to date&quot, spel. some even go for married guys.

Well very first of all, fellows who date for joy obviously only want to have a good time, which implies they’re only after one thing. Read more

And can build his own stress-testing machine too.

Are you a nerd?

Do you love a nerd? Or do you just love, love, love watching comedies about the crazy mishaps of unbelievable nerds? Maybe all three – te which case, you’ve almost certainly already heard about and seen both Big Ontsteld Theory and The IT Crowd. If you toevluchthaven’t, then what a treat you have ter store – or to be more accurate, two amazing treats. Read more

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