Can’t they see how much it’s annoying us?

Thank you for being rude.

I’d like to embark this hub by thanking someone for being rude to mij spil it prompted mij to consider why some people emerge to take pride te being rude (or “fair” spil they call it). Rather than brood overheen what they said I’ve determined to use it spil motivation to share some of the mechanisms I train regarding how to give terugkoppeling appropriately and demonstrate that it’s ideally possible to be fair and pushy without being rude. Read more


I am a Freelance Writer, Organic Philosopher, and near-death survivor, presently working out of north-central Mississippi USA.

This is what the aftermath of a relationship with a narcissistic fucking partner feels like.

If I could live forever, I might someday get it right.

This wasgoed my 2nd marriage. Read more

There would never be a 2nd date!

Gossip is just another hurt within affairs.

Cheaters will get what they deserve!

Understanding this blog is not truly about spirituality but more geared toward karma. Payback for the people that choose to lie, cheat and hurt their significant other. There is even a television voorstelling , “Cheaters” Where they go after and record the dirty secrets and air them te gevelbreedte of Ten millions viewers. Read more